The unprecedented devastation caused by the April earthquakes in Nepal is
known to all -- it is not limited to people of South Asian origin. As reported
by the media, over 8,700 people were killed in Nepal, twice as many
injured, and a huge number of buildings destroyed. One study estimates
that it would take $US 6.7 billion for reconstruction.

Among the destroyed buildings have been schools. This has disrupted the
life and learning of countless children in Nepal. The INSAF Board has
concluded that it is our humanitarian duty to help. Therefore, in
collaboration with a trusted on-the-ground Nepal NGO,  INSAF will help
get one school reconstructed in the Selang village area of Sindhupalchok in
Nepal, where all 10 schools of the area were completely destroyed.  Please
see below for more information on the project. Your tax deductible
contributions are invited. Checks should be made payable to "INSAF".
Please use the "Dues and Contributions" link to see the mailing address and
to join INSAF (optional) You may also use the "Donate" button on the
home page to donate via PayPal..

1) In which village you are planning to start first school.

The proposed project is to rebuild  Shree Selang Primary School at Ward number 9 of the
Selang Village Development Committee (VDC) in the Sindhupalchowk area.

2) How many students will get education there.

Prior to the earthquake this particular VDC had a primary school with a population of 100
students. Since a number of families living in remote areas of the VDC have migrated to this
particular ward (9), the student strength is expected to go up to 120-130.

3) what standard students will be educated.

Being a primary school this school would be holding classes from Grade 1 to Grade 5.

4) When do you anticipate ground breaking ( if not already started) for the school and
completion date.

The ground breaking can be tentatively set around the end of September to beginning of
October. Selang is a highly landslide prone area and the soil in such regions has loosened up
because of the earthquake and the monsoon rains are making the situation worse. It is being
advised that we wait for the soil to settle down properly such that the building structure we
construct is strong and resistant to potential disasters. The project is expected to take about
5 months and the completion is expected in February 2016.

5) Sq. Ft of the building.

The design is being developed for a total land area approximately in the range of 5,000 sq ft.
A total of 5 class rooms and one office/Principal room are planned in addition to the rest
rooms and a hand-washing area.

6) Anticipated total cost of completion for one school.

Preliminary estimate is in the range of US$50,000 but a more informed estimate is expected
to be available in the near future.

7) On going running cost/year after school is build.

The running cost of the school will be provided by the government including salaries of the
teachers. Some additional funds may be required to purchase school equipment/supplies if
the Nepal government support is found to be insufficient. Ne:Kalp would like to add a
mid-day mean scheme which is estimated to require about US$600/month. At this time,
INSAF is not considering taking a part in supporting the school's operations after it is built.
However, we would be interested in knowing if you have a desire to do so.

8) How many teachers will be teaching in the school and are they available knowing their
homes may be destroyed as well.

There will be a total of 4 teachers in the school. Although the houses have been destroyed
the residents of this ward are still living in the same area and the teachers are eager to serve
at the school when ready.