About INSAF  ...

Founded in 1971 by a group of people who believed that those who got
their start in India should give something back. Since that time, the group
has maintained a modest but steady effort to the cause of education and
uplifting the disadvantaged in India. INSAF has also supported a few
modest, nonpolitical, projects in the USA. INSAF was formerly called
"Friends of Panjab University Alumni Association, USA or FOPUAA. In
1994, the Association changed its name to Indian Schools Alumni &
Friends, USA (INSAF) to more accurately reflect the Association's
all-India focus almost since its inception.


Implement Educational and Community Development (Non-political)
Projects for India's Improvement

Serve as a Forum for the Intellectual Exchange of its Members

Contribute towards the Improvement of Indo-US Relations on a People's
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137 Seagate Drive, San Mateo, CA
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